Flower storing mistakes to avoid

We aren’t professional florists that work day in and day out with flowers. So there is a higher chance that when it comes to storing these the right way, we would tend to mess things up, and especially if you decide to get your arrangement from the florist before the day you actually need it, then there is a tough challenge you need to face. So here are some mistakes you need to know of, in order to make sure that you stay clear of them.

Thinking ‘too cold’ equals just right

Just like us humans’ plants too are sensitive to weather changes. And the way they would react to it may differ from one to another. however one of the most common things when it comes to mother’s day flower hk that you bought the previous day, is that when the temperature get too cold, the flower’s natural form is affected. So the next morning you are most likely to pick up petals rather than an actual whole flower.

Don’t use the cold garage to store these overnight or don’t put them in a fridge that is too cold. Instead find a place that has a temperature where it is not too cold nor too warm, but just right! And place these in a vase filled with clean water.

Storing it in your car

The next place that might pop in to your mind that might apparently have the ‘just right’ temperature might be your car. However, that is the worst place ever to store a bouquet. Just like with the garage, a car parked either outside or inside, is still mostly likely to become too cold or too hot. And this would affect the flowers delivery hk as well. So instead of that, look around your home and find that perfect spot that you could use to store these until they are necessary. This way you can ensure that their natural form is preserved just the way it should be, until you need to present them.

Storing near the ‘too hot’

Just like extreme cold is bad, extreme heat is considered bad too. Not only would it fade away your flowers, but it would also lose its fresh and lustrous look too. So don’t even think of placing them near areas like the fireplace, close to the heater and whatnot.

Forgetting the water

Water is one of the most essential details in making sure an arrangement lasts long. This is because by inserting these cut up stems in to the water, you are allowing its usual hydration process to take place and through that the longevity of these flowers are guaranteed. However, if you were to just leave them as they are, then the stems would take in air and that would cause it to fade away much quickly than when placed in water.

So consider the above tips and make sure to avoid them when you are storing your flower bouquets!



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